Michael's work experience includes litigation investigations in the entertainment industry, state and national political campaign investigations and as a contractor via former USIS to the federal government where he assisted federal agents with the Office of Inspector General with expert mobile-physical surveillance. He has also provided personal security and privacy protection for high-profile persons that included his residing at celebrity residences during high-threat situations. Michael has also served as the personal private investigator for professional sports owners of major sports teams to include two owners of NHL teams.

Michael has frequently served as an advisor and consultant on large scale and sensitive physical surveillance operations in the private and government sectors. He has also served as a Senior Advisor with the New York based Threat Pattern, LLC. 

Additional employment includes as a paid staff member on a Congressional Campaign and serving on the staff of U.S. Senator Bob Dole in Washington D.C. 

After twelve years of ownership and successfully growing the company to a seven-figure revenue, Michael sold his then investigation business and for the next four years contracted with two national investigative companies (at the time two of the largest in the U.S.), serving as Vice-President for one of the the companies, and overseeing investigations and surveillance operations in the Western U.S. for the second company.

At the two national investigation companies, Michael developed new lines of investigative service lines. One service line, where Michael secured clients and assisted in developing operations for the new service lines, along with his former operations manager from Wolivar & Associates, Inc., was in providing nationwide investigations for Private Mortgage Insurance claims that numbered in thousands of assignments. The large volume of PMI claims were the result of the 2008 real estate fall out. The PMI line of investigative service successfully increased revenue and provided the PMI clients with a more cost effective way of conducting investigations nationwide. The PMI investigations generated millions of dollars for the two national investigative companies. Both national companies were eventually bought by private equity.

In 2011 Michael re-established Wolivar & Associates, Inc. with the mission to provide high level surveillance-investigations and training.